Newfoundland Dogs Are Very Loyal And A Great Addition To The Family

Newfoundland Dogs are enormous and look like gigantic teddy bears in a way. They are about as fluffy as they are large, and Newfoundland dogs are great for families. Yes, some people have reservations as to the dog’s size, but these animals are very friendly. Another type of dog that is similar in ways and also a great family dog is the Great Pyrenees.

Are you thinking about getting a Newfoundland dog as a pet?

newfoundland dog playing in snow

These dogs are absolutely adorable. Is your Newfoundland going to be both an inside and outside dog? Newfoundland dogs as mentioned are quite fluffy, and you will want to be sure you stay on top of the shedding and carpet cleaning. What this means is you have the opportunity to brush your dog’s coat. He or she will enjoy that, and it can be family fun with the kids.

Playing with such a large dog can be family fun in general. Newfoundland dogs are lovable, friendly, loyal, good guard dogs and just all around good pets. Since they are so large and fluffy, they are not a fan of hot weather. This means you really want to make sure you are going to be okay with having a large dog inside the house without being finicky. Your dog needs to be a part of the family.

One of the coolest things about Newfoundland dogs is they drool quite a lot. It is simultaneously funny and gross, but funny wins. These dogs are easy to train, very astute, and they aren’t clumsy in regards to their size. If you have a heart for a Newfoundland dog, this is the dog for you. I would love to own a Newfoundland dog one day. Make sure you are up to the task and have the proper environment because remember, your new dog will be part of the family.

You might even save a spot for him at the dinner table.

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